21 April 2024

Our Mission


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Our mission is to provide a voice for the small business owner and entrepreneur by promoting comprehensive reform in several key policy areas. USDJ believes that by enacting certain commonsense reforms, America can get back on the pathway to solid fiscal footing, durable economic growth and consistent job creation.

We do this by bringing together innovative leaders who understand the benefits and pitfalls of free enterprise, and by educating Americans on the vital role entrepreneurship plays in job creation.

We are primarily concerned with questions like:

• “How do we create jobs?”
• “How can we save the American dream?”
• “How can America retain its competitive and creative edge?”

USDJ will produce original research, practical analysis, and cogent messaging based on facts and non-partisan solutions for the media, policymakers and the public in order to promote and shape policies that will encourage investment, stop the migration of jobs overseas, empower small businesses to hire, and facilitate the upward mobility of our middle class.